The Tao of Z

The road zigs. The road zags. We march forward.

Each time we move across the Z, we see new and old side by side. Its important to keep perspective in our journey. What is around the next bend is new and shiny, but its also same same as what we’ve done before.

Seekers of Z realize that the future is the past repeating upon itself only with new labels, better tools, and the addition of those who were not with us before. Those with eyes on Z know that this time is not different, only that its the next zig in the continuum, and that we’ll soon zag again.

The supremacy of today is not the tool. The hope for the future is not a technology. As we walk towards Z, we’ll see the latest and greatest emerge over and over. Our job is to use the tools we find the best we can. Each step along the road should be smoother than the last. It should lighten the load of our fellow travelers.

We who seek Z know that we’ll never reach its vaunted edge. We’ll never find the ultimate. We know that our duty is but to walk, to learn, and to improve.

Today the zig brings us emergent behavior, semi autonomous agents, permissionless transactions. We’ll build better things with those tools, but they are just stepping stones on a road that never ends.