The most vibrant and meaningful art of the late capitalism period will be created within a venture funding model.

Damien Dojoz

Dojoz is a holding company representing the artistic and commercial vision of Damien Dojoz. The Seventh Son of a Silverware Scion, Mr. Dojoz forfeited his future in flatware to curate creations beyond the realm of cutlery.

Not simply an investor, Damien Dojoz is also a creator and uncanny social commentator. In addition to supporting portfolio artists, Mr. Dojoz intends to release original fiction that will drive the artistic direction of the brand.

Irena Dojoz joins Damien in management of the companies. When not engaged in the commercialization of the arts, she is active in prominent social circles in Manhattan and Eastern Europe.

Profits from Dojoz go to support philanthropic organizations involved in the historic preservation of flatware.