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Emergent Behavior

AKA Swarms. The road ahead will be populated with autonomous agents. Product design will steal from nature as we create critters with agency.


You can't just unleash a swarm of mech bees on the world without defining who they are, what they can do, and how they interact with the world at large.


So hot right now! How can smart contracts, permissionless settlement, and irrefutable ledgers empower the decentralized internet our swarms need?


Our connected future. How do we link millions of sensing devices into the infrastructure of our emerging world?

On the road to Z....

Chris Furlong

Chris Furlong

Probably Neo

Before Z, I was a Co-Founder of the Ka’ena Corporation, a holding company consisting of,, Primo, and several other telecom services.

Ted Zlatanov

Ted Zlatanov

The Bulgarian Morpheus

Craft beer salvia celiac mlkshk. Pinterest celiac tumblr, portland salvia skateboard cliche thundercats. Tattooed chia austin hell.